The ingredients and types of meat we use are of the highest quality and come from selected organic producers in the region

We are a Bern-Switzerland based catering company founded in Bern in 2015. We organize your event from A to Z, starters, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, company events. We deliver all over Switzerland



A small part of my story

My name is Marko Antonio Vega Pretto, born in Lima-Peru, I lived in Lima until January 1992. In February 1992 I emigrated to Bern, Switzerland, without knowing anything about cooking; the longing to eat dishes from my country made me want to learn how to prepare them. And of course, at that time in Switzerland, not all the ingredients needed were within reach, and so the culinary adventure began, striving for perfection in every dish every day. The photographic memories of the flavors I had in my head got me where I wanted to go with the flavor. Later, I started dabbling in dishes from other countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Latin American and Asian countries, completing a variety of flavors and colors according to my customers’ tastes. There are many chefs but few cook with heart, that’s what you have to do to make cooking a passion.

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Berna, Suiza

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